Past activities

12 July 2018
Energy Transition Barometer
The objective of this Barometer is to evaluate the progress of energy transition in Spain with respect to three major components of European energy policies: de-carbonisation, energy affordability and security of supply. With this aim, the Barometer provides three indicators to observe the evolution of energy transition with annual updates.
21 y 22 de junio de 2018
8th Atlantic Workshop on Energy and Environmental Economics
The Atlantic Workshop on Energy and Environmental Economics (AWEEE) is a biennial scientific meeting, born in 2004, which is organized by Economics for Energy with the collaboration of CEPE (ETH Zurich) and the University of Münster (CAWM) and the support of ECOBAS. The workshop has become an important outlet for the discussion and debate on state-of-the-art research on energy and environmental issues, with a limited number of participants who come from all around the world. The AWEEE combines keynote lectures on specific topics by prestigious academics with the presentation of research by invited speakers and by other participants, including a poster session, through an open call for papers.
16 February 2018
Eighth Annual Economics for Energy Workshop
In collaboration with the Areces Foundation, Economics for Energy organized its eight annual workshop devoted to the state-of-the-art analysis and debate on the main research lines of the center. As in previous occasions, the workshop brought together prestigious international experts in the selected topics and an audience of leading representatives of firms, public administrations and universities.
15 February 2018
Academic Workshop: 2018 Developments in Energy Economics
In collaboration with the Spanish Association for Energy Economics (AEEE), Economics for Energy organized a new  academic workshop devoted to the state-of-the-art analysis and debate on energy and environmental economics. The workshop included three presentations and their corresponding discussions by Spanish and international academics, and hosted the presentation of the supplemental issue of Energy Economics with participants of the last Atlantic Workshop (A Toxa, 2016). This event was mainly aimed for researchers and took place on Thursday 15th of February between 10.00 and 13.45 in the Fundación Areces (Vitruvio 5, Madrid).
15 February 2018
Seminar by David Sandalow on the new geopolitics of energy
David Sandalow, director of the Energy and Environment Concentration at Columbia University lectured on "the new geopolitics of energy". The event, in collaboration with the Ramón Areces Foundation, took place in the headquarters of the foundation on February 15th at 19.00.