Economics for Energy is a private research center that applies economic analysis to energy issues. The center is originally constituted as a non-profit private association participated by universities, foundations and firms.

The mission of Economics for Energy is to create knowledge in the field of energy economics, and to transfer this knowledge effectively to society, informing, guiding and advising public and private decision makers.

The creation of knowledge is achieved by conducting research projects, by postgraduate training and with a postdoctoral research program. All research activities are conducted with the highest academic rigor and lead to academic publications. The research lines of Economics for Energy are:

  -  Economic analysis of energy demand
  -  Economics of innovation in the energy sector
  -  Economic evaluation of energy and environmental policies
  -  Economics of energy security
  -  Long-term energy and regulatory prospective

The transfer of knowledge is carried out through specific reports and the organization of seminars and workshops on relevant issues related to the economics of energy, involving representatives of companies, institutions and academics. Economics for Energy also promotes a blog to inform and discuss on current issues in the economics of energy.

To carry out its objectives, Economics for Energy is directed by two university professors and relies on a team of senior academic affiliates and pre-doctoral and post-doctoral researchers. The center promotes cooperation agreements with similar leading research centers across the world.