Sixth Atlantic Workshop on Energy and Environmental Economics, A Toxa (Galicia)

25-26 June 2014
Sixth Atlantic Workshop on Energy and Environmental Economics, A Toxa (Galicia)

25 June

Invited papers
Anna Alberini (Maryland): Information v. Energy Efficiency Incentives: Evidence from Residential Electricity Consumption in Maryland Recording
Antoine Dechezlepretre (LSE): Knowledge Spillovers from Clean and Dirty Technologies Recording
Kennet Gillingham (Yale): Heterogeneity in the Response to Gasoline Prices: Evidence from Pennsylvania and Implications for the Rebound Effect Recording
Frank Jotzo (ANU): Carbon Pricing and in China and Australia Recording

Keynote Lecture
Richard Schmalensee (MIT): The MIT Future of Solar Energy Study: Emerging Highlights? Recording Questions

Frontiers in the Economics of Energy Efficiency Xavier Labandeira (Vigo and EfE)  (Recording), Andreas Löschel (ZEW) (Recording), Denny Ellerman (EUI) (Recording), Michael Hanemann (ASU) (Recording), Ignacio Pérez-Arriaga (UPC and MIT) (Recording), Kanako Tanaka (LCS Japan)

Parallel sessions

Session 1
Anna Alberini, Andrea Bigano (FEEM): How Effective Are Energy-efficiency Incentive Programs? Evidence from Italian Homeowners Recording
François Cohen, Matthieu Glachant (CERNA), Magnus Söderberg: The Impact of Energy Prices on Energy Efficiency: Evidence from the UK Refrigerator Market Recording
Zeus Guevara (IST), Tânia Sousa, Tiago Domingos: An Approach for a Better Evaluation of Energy efficiency Trends Using Index Decomposition Analysis and Useful Work Accounting Recording
Florens Flues, Benjamin Lutz (ZEW): The Effect of Electricity Taxation on the German Manufacturing Industry: a Regression Discontinuity Approach Recording
Alicia Pérez, Ana Ramos (Vigo and EfE), Susana Silva: Valuing Energy Performance Certificates in the Portuguese Residential Sector Recording
Anna Risch (IREGE): Environmental Fiscal Incentives: Effectiveness or Free-riding Effect? An Econometric Evaluation of the French Energy Tax Credit Recording

Session 2
Alberto Ansuategui (UPV/EHU), Simone Marsiglio: Is Environmental Protection Expenditure Beneficial for the Environment? Recording
Sylwia Bialek (Goethe), Alfons J. Weichenrieder: Do Stringent Environmental Policies Deter FDI? M&A versus Greeneld Recording
Johannes Emmerling (FEEM): Sharing of Climate Risks Across World Regions Recording
James Lennox (FEEM), Jan Witajewski: Directed Technical Change with Capital-embodied Technologies: Implications for Climate Policy Recording
Zeba Anjum, Paul Burke, Reyer Gerlagh, David Stern (ANU): Integrating the IPAT, Environmental Kuznets Curve, and Emissions Convergence Models Using Long-run Growth Rates Recording

26 June

Parallel Session

Session 3
José M. Chamorro (UPV/EHU), Luis M. Abadie, Richard de Neufville: Measuring Performance of Long-term Power Generating Portfolios Recording
Andreas Gerster (RGS Econ): Fundamental Drivers of Regime-switching: An Analysis of German Power Prices Recording
Stefen Lamp (EUI): Projection Bias in Household Investment: The Case of Solar Photovoltaics in Germany Recording
Claudio Marcantonini (EUI), Denny Ellerman: The Implicit Carbon Price of Renewable Energy Incentives in Germany Recording
Baltasar Manzano, José M. Martín-Moreno, Rafaela M. Pérez-Sánchez (UCM), Jesús Ruiz: Endogenous Price Asymetries in the Fuel Market: An Application to the Spanish Case Recording

Session 4
Claudio Baccianti (ZEW): Explaining Trends in Aggregate and Sectoral Energy Intensity: The Composition and Technique Effects Revised Recording
Dorothee Charlier (UM2): Split Incentives and Energy Efficiency: Empirical Analysis and Policy Options Recording
Renaud Coulomb (ECP), Fanny Henriet: The Grey Paradox: How Owners Of Carbon-emitting Resources Can Benefit From Optimal Carbon Taxation Recording
Louis G. Giraudet (CIRED), Sébastien Houde: Double Moral Hazard and the Energy Efficiency Gap Recording
Anna Grodecka (Bonn), Karlygash Kuralbayeva: Optimal Environmental Policies, Public Finance and Labor Markets over the Business Cycle Recording

Keynote lecture
Massimo Filippini (ETH and USI): Underlying Energy Efficiency in the Residential Sector : an Economic Perspective Recording Questions

Invited papers
Ibon Galarraga (BC3): The Use of “Bonus-malus” Schemes for the Promotion of Energy Efficient Household Appliances: a Case Study for Spain Recording
María Loureiro (USC): Why don´t you Want to Drive a Hybrid Car? Recording
Juan Pablo Montero (PUC Chile): Driving Restrictions: Do They Make Drivers Buy Dirtier or Cleaner Cars? Recording
Massimo Tavoni (FEEM): Induced Technological Change in Energy Intensive Sectors Recording

Parallel session

Session 5
Stefano Carattini (HEG Genève), Andrea Baranzini: Paying Enough Taxes Already? Testing the Acceptability of Carbon Taxes with Survey Data Recording
Alexander Rohlf, Daniel Römer, Kathrine von Graevenitz (ZEW): The Effect of Emission Information on Housing Prices in Germany Recording
Michael Hanemann, Xavier Labandeira, José M. Labeaga (UNED), Xiral López: Identifying Energy Demand from Discrete Changes Recording
Frank Pothen (ZEW), Michael Schymura: Bigger Cakes with Less Ingredients? A Comparison of Material Use of the World Economy Recording
Stefano Verde (EUI), Maria Pazienzia: Replacing Italy’s RES-E Surcharge with a Carbon Tax: A Macroeconomic Analysis Recording

Session 6
Meriem Hamdi-Cherif (CIRED), Henri Waisman: Economic Globalization, Global Energy Issues and Climate Change. China in Global Perspective Recording
Jean Philippe Nicolai (ETH): Conditions for Profit-neutral Permit Allocations Recording
Sanjay Patnaik (GWU): Cap(-ture) and Trade Arbitraging by Multinational Firms in the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS)
Aleksandar Zaklan (EUI), Vanessa Valero, Denny Ellerman: An Analysis of Allowance Banking in the EU ETS Recording
Sebastian Petrick, Ulrich Wagner (UC3M): The Impact of Carbon Trading on Industry: Evidence from German Manufacturing Firms Recording

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