Quinto Workshop Atlántico sobre Economía Energética y Ambiental, A Toxa (Galicia)

25-26 de junio 2012
Quinto Workshop Atlántico sobre Economía Energética y Ambiental, A Toxa (Galicia)
Este evento científico bienal ha sido organizado en colaboración con la Fundación Barrié y el grupo de investigación rede de la Universidad de Vigo. A continuación se ofrece el programa, las presentaciones de cada una de las sesiones, así como la información en prensa y entrevistas realizadas por un grupo de alumnos gallegos a tres participantes.


25 de junio

Papers invitados
Gunnar Eskeland (Norwegian School of Economics): What if climate policy is about leadership? Grabación
Michael Hanemann (Arizona State University): What is wrong with the climate change damage function? Grabación
Anil Markandya (BC3):  Confused minds: What we like and what we think is good for us. Alternative ways of resolving the conflicts and their impacts on carbon and heath Grabación
Juan P. Montero (PUC Chile): The effect of transport policies on car use: Theory and evidence from Latin American cities Grabación
Massimo Tavoni (FEEM): A global mapping of energy poverty and consumption Grabación

Lección magistral
Lawrence H. Goulder (Stanford): Climate change policy and the fiscal system Grabación

Mesa redonda
El papel futuro de la eficiencia energética en la política energética española. Xosé Hermida (El País), Xavier Labandeira (Rede y Economics for Energy) Grabación, Carlos Ocaña (FUNCAS) Grabación, María Sicilia (Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo) Grabación, Gonzalo Sáenz de Miera (Iberdrola) Grabación

Sesiones paralelas

Sesión 1
Anna Bartocci, Massimiliano Pisani (Bank of Italy): Green fiscal reforms, electricity generation and macroeconomic performance in the European Union. A model-based approach Grabación
Caterina Cruciani, Silvio Giove, Mehmet Pinar (FEEM), Matteo Sostero: Constructing the FEEM Sustainability Index: a Choquet-integral application Grabación
Mikel González-Eguino (BC3), Anil Markandya, Marta Escapa: From shadow to green: Linking environmental fiscal reforms and the informal economy Grabación
Baltasar Manzano, Jaime Alonso (University of Vigo), Carlos de Miguel: A demand-based mechanism for the Environmental Kuznets Curve Grabación

Sesión 2
Carmen Camacho, Agustín Pérez-Barahona (INRA): Land use dynamics and the environment Grabación
Niko Jaakkola (University of Oxford): Strategic oil supply and gradual development of substitutes Grabación
Fridrik M. Baldursson (Reykjavik University), Nils-Henrik M. von der Fehr: Natural resources and sovereign expropriation Grabación
Miguel Rodríguez (Rede), Yolanda Pena-Boquete: Another look at CO2 emissions modeling: The role of energy prices in developed countries Grabación

Sesión 3
Terrence Iverson (Colorado State University): Minimax regret discounting Grabación
Hannes Weigt, Erik Delarue (K.U. Leuven), Denny Ellerman: CO2 abatement from RES injection in the German electricity sector Grabación
María Loureiro (University of Santiago de Compostela), Michael Hanemann, Xavier Labandeira: Unrevealing public preferences for climate change policies in Spain: A hybrid mixture model Grabación
Misato Sato (Grantham Research Institute): Near-term impacts of asymmetric climate change mitigation policies Grabación

Sesión 4
Keith Brouhle (Grinnell College), Brad Graham, Donna Harrington Ramirez: Innovation under the Climate Wise Program
Francisco Cabo (University of Valladolid), Guiomar Martín-Herrán, Mª Pilar Martínez- García: On pollution and R&D-based growth in a trade model between countries concerned and unconcerned about climate change Grabación
Michael Jakob (PIK), Christian Flachsland: Strategic incentives for early movers in sequential climate games Grabación

26 de junio

Lección magistral
Ottmar Edenhofer (PIK): On the economics of renewable energies: Opportunities, costs and challenges Grabación

Sesión "Economics for Energy"
Presentación Grabación
Klaas Würzburg: Renewable generation and electricity prices in the Austrian and German market Grabación Preguntas
Luis Rey: Energy security and oil price volatility Grabación Preguntas
Mohcine Bakhat: A residential demand system for Mexico Grabación Preguntas
Ana Ramos: Energy efficiency in Spanish residential buildings Grabación Preguntas

Sesión "Jóvenes investigadores"
Wolfgang Habla (University of Munich), Kerstin Roeder: Intergenerational aspects of an ecotax package. An application to Germany Grabación
Meriem Hamdi-Cherif (CIRED), Henri Waisman, Céline Guivarch, Jean-Charles Hourcade: Mitigation costs in second-best economies: Time profile of emission reductions and sequencing of accompanying measures Grabación
Arnaud de la Tour (CERNA): What cost for photovoltaic modules in 2020? Lessons from experience curve models Grabación
Michel Berthélemy (CERNA): What drives innovation in nuclear reactors technologies? An empirical study based on patent counts Grabación
Isabel Soares, Óscar Afonso, Susana Silva (University of Porto): Economic and environmental effects under resource scarcity and substitution between renewable and non-renewable resources Grabación
Martin Stürmer, Gregor Schwerhoff (Bonn School of Economics): Non-renewable but inexhaustible. Resources in an endogenous growth model Grabación

Lección magistral
Dallas Burtraw (RFF): Embracing complexity: Climate policy with imperfect economies and federal governments Grabación

Sesiones paralelas

Sesión 5
Antoine Dechezleprêtre, Matthieu Glachant (CERNA): Does foreign environmental policy influence domestic innovation? Evidence from the wind industry Grabación
Guy Meunier, Jean-Pierre Ponssard (CIRANO), Philippe Quirion: Carbon leakage and capacitybased allocations. Is the EU right? Grabación
Francesco Nicolli, Francesco Vona (OFCE Sciences-PO), Liones Nesta: Determinants of renewable energy innovation: Environmental policies vs. Market regulation Grabación
Ana Pueyo, Pedro Linares (Comillas): Renewable technology transfer to developing countries: One size does not fit all Grabación

Sesión 6
Germà Bel i Queralt, Jordi Rosell (University of Barcelona): Policy success or economic slowdown? Effects of the 80 Km/h speed limit on air pollution in the Barcelona metropolitan area Grabación
José M. Chamorro (University of the Basque Country), Luis M. Abadie, Richard de Neufville, Marija Ilic: Market-based valuation of transmission network expansion. A heuristic application in GB Grabación
Ibon Galarraga (BC3), Luis M. Abadie, Alberto Ansuategui: Economic efficiency, environmental effectiveness and political feasibility of energy efficiency rebates: The case of the Spanish energy efficiency "renove" Plan Grabación
Michael Jakob (PIK), Jan C. Steckel, Christian Flachsland, Lavinia Baumstark: Climate finance for developing country mitigation: Blessing or curse? Grabación

Sesión 7
Leticia Blázquez (University of Castilla la Mancha), Nina Boogen, Massimo Filippini: Spanish residential electricity demand using aggregate data Grabación
Luciano de Castro (Northwestern University), Rakesh Vohra: Design of Electricity Markets with Renewables
Natalia Fabra, Mar Reguant (Stanford): Internalization and pass-through of emission costs in electricity markets Grabación
Carlos Freitas, Patrícia Pereira (University of Coimbra): Phase II CO2 cost pass-through in MIBEL: A cointegrated VECM approach Grabación

Sesión 8
Raphael Calel (London School of Economics): Environmental policy and directed technological change: Evidence from the European carbon market Grabación
Bruno Lanz, Sebastian Rausch (MIT): Cap-and trade climate policies with price-regulated industries: How costly are free allowances? Grabación
Ralf Martin, Mirabelle Muûls, Laure B. de Preux, Ulrich J. Wagner (University Carlos III): Industry compensation under the risk of relocation: A firm-level analysis of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme Grabación
Karsten Neuhoff, Anne Schopp (DIW Berlin), Rodney Boyd, Kateryna Stelmakh, Alexander Vasa: Banking of surplus emission allowances Grabación

Entrevistas con estudiantes (educaBarrié)
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Preguntas a Juan Pablo Montero
Preguntas a Xavier Labandeira

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