Publicación del número especial de Energy Economics: Nuevos Desarrollos en Economía y Política Energética

2 de diciembre de 2013
Publicación del número especial de Energy Economics: Nuevos Desarrollos en Economía y Política Energética
Volumen 40, Número 1, Páginas S1-S172 (Diciembre 2013)
Número Especial: Quinto Workshop Atlántico sobre Economía Energética y Ambiental

1. Preface

2. Editorial (Carlos de Miguel, Alberto Gago, Baltasar Manzano)

3. Climate change policy's interactions with the tax system (Lawrence H. Goulder)
4. On the economics of renewable energy sources (Ottmar Edenhofer, Lion Hirth, Brigitte Knopf, Michael Pahle, Steffen Schlömer, Eva Schmid, Falko Ueckerdt)

5. Economic ideas for a complex climate policy regime (Dallas Burtraw, Matt Woerman)

6. “Green” fuel tax on private transportation services and subsidies to electric energy. A model-based assessment for the main European countries (Anna Bartocci, Massimiliano Pisani)

7. Regional impact of changes in disposable income on Spanish electricity demand: A spatial econometric analysis (Leticia M. Blázquez Gomez, Massimo Filippini, Fabian Heimsch)

8. Energy poverty alleviation and climate change mitigation: Is there a trade off? (Shoibal Chakravarty, Massimo Tavoni)

9. Paying for the smart grid (Luciano De Castro, Joisa Dutra)

10.  The effect of transport policies on car use: A bundling model with applications (Francisco Gallego, Juan-Pablo Montero, Christian Salas)

11. Efficiency, effectiveness and implementation feasibility of energy efficiency rebates: The “Renove” plan in Spain (Ibon Galarraga, Luis M. Abadie, Alberto Ansuategi)

12. From shadow to green: Linking environmental fiscal reforms and the informal economy (Anil Markandya, Mikel González-Eguino, Marta Escapa)

13. The economics of new nuclear power plants in liberalized electricity markets (Pedro Linares, Adela Conchado)

14. Transport and low-carbon fuel: A study of public preferences in Spain (Maria L. Loureiro, Xavier Labandeira, Michael Hanemann)

15. Fiscal consolidation and climate policy: An overlapping generations perspective (Sebastian Rausch)

16. CO2 abatement from renewables in the German electricity sector: Does a CO2 price help? (Hannes Weigt, Denny Ellerman, Erik Delarue)

17. Renewable generation and electricity prices: Taking stock and new evidence for Germany and Austria (Klaas Würzburg, Xavier Labandeira, Pedro Linares)