9th Atlantic Workshop on Energy and Environmental Economics

22 and 23 June 2022
9th Atlantic Workshop on Energy and Environmental Economics
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Thursday, 23 June

8.30 Opening

8.40 Invited session

Chair: Linares, P.
Ambec, S., Yang, Y. Climate policy with electricity trading (Discussion)
Hanemann, M., Labandeira, X., Labeaga, J.M., López-Otero, X. Choice vs. non-choice in the demand for energy for residential heating 
Loureiro, M. Perceptions towards climate change. A comparison across continents (Discussion)
Montero, J.P. Pricing congestion to increase traffic. The case of Bogotá

10.00 Coffee

10.30 Parallel session 1

Energy Demand (1)
Chair: Filippini, M.
Jacobsen, G.D., Stewart, J.I. How do consumers respond to price complexity? Experimental evidence from the power sector (Discussion)
Khanna, S., Rowe, K. Consumption and non-payment responses to retail electricity prices in India (Discussion)
Liddle, B., Parker, S., Hasanov, F. Why has the OECD long-run GDP elasticity of economy-wide electricity demand declined? Because the electrification of energy services has saturated
Bordón, M., Freire-González, J., Padilla, E. The direct rebound effect for two income groups: The case of Paraguay (Discussion)
Arlt, M.L. The role of public investment in building up a public electric vehicle charging grid

Climate Change (1)
Chair: Löschel, A.
López-Manuel, L., Vázquez, X.H. Firm, industry, and country effects on CO2 emissions levels (Discussion)
Nachtigall, D., Lutz, L., Cardenas Rodriguez, M., Hascic, I. The climate actions and policies index: A composite indicator approach to measuring governments' climate action
Chan, H.R., Manderson, E., Zhang, F. International competitiveness effect of climate mitigating policies: How important are intermediate goods?
Kalkuhl, M., Franks, M., Gruner, F., Lessmann, K., Edenhofer, O. Optimal carbon pricing when carbon removal is not permanent (Discussion)
Antonioni, A., Cabrales, A., Sánchez, A. Climate clubs: an experimental study of Nordhaus' proposal to mitigate climate change (Discussion)

12.45 Lunch

14.00 Keynote presentation

Chair: Loureiro, M.
Fabra, N. Efficiency and distributional impacts of real time pricing for electricity (Discussion)

15.30 Break

15.45 Parallel session 2

Energy Transition (1)
Chair: Ambec, S.
Lehtomaa, J., Nicolai, J.P. Lobbying on environmental standards under deep trade agreements (Discussion)
Agnelli, A., Costa, H., Dussaux, D. The economic benefits of early green innovation: evidence from the automotive sector
Beaufils, T., Ward, H., Jakob, M., Berthet, E., Wenz, L. A comprehensive and inclusive EU carbon border adjustment mechanism (Discussion)
Bialek, S., Gregory, J., Revesz, R.L., Pals, B. Still your grandfather's boiler: Estimating the effects of the Clean Air Act´s grandfathering provisions (Discussion)

Chair: Montero, J.P.
Dumortier, J., Carriquiry, M., Elobeid, A. Interactions between U.S. vehicle electrification, climate change, and global agricultural markets (Discussion)
Brausmann, A., Bretschger, L., Minabutdinov, A., Renoir, C. Misfortunes never come singly: Environmental risks, pandemic diseases, and economic growth (Discussion)
Cunha-e-Sá, M.A., Murasheva, M. The impact of industrial pollution exposure on hospital admissions: Evidence from a cement plant in Russia (Discussion)
Hoffmann, C., Jalbout, E., Lineiro, T.B., Müsgens, F., Villanueva, M. Valuing renewables versus conventionals in the backyard: Evidence from the German housing market

18.00 End

20.30 Dinner at Gran Hotel La Toja

Friday, 24 June

8.30 Parallel session 3

Energy Demand (2)
Chair: Labeaga, J.M.
Axenbeck, J., Berner, A., Kneib, T. What drives the relationship between digitalization and industrial energy demand? (Discussion)
Iraizoz, A., Labeaga, J.M. Fuel price and consumption response to excise taxes: Evidence using regional tax variation in Spain (Discussion)
Feldhaus, C., Lingens, J., Löschel, A., Zunker, G. To switch or have it switched? Automation and delegation of decision rights in the context of energy contract switching (Discussion)
Garcia-Manrique, L. At the borderline: An analysis of the electricity trade between Mexico and US (Discussion)
Oak, H., Bansal, S. Enhancing energy efficiency of Indian industries: Effectiveness of PAT scheme (Discussion)

Climate Change (2)
Chair: Praetorius, B.
Dechezleprêtre, A., Fabre, A., Kruse, T., Planterose, B., Sanchez Chico, A., Stantcheva, S. Fighting climate change: International attitudes toward climate policies (Discussion)
Lipari, F., Antonioni, A., Escribano, G., Lazaro, L., Sánchez, A. When the design of climate policy meets public acceptance: an (adaptive) interdependent multiplex network model (Discussion)
Eichner, T., Kollenbach, G., Schopf, M. Demand- versus supply-side climate policies with a carbon dioxide ceiling (Discussion)
Nobre, L. Does water scarcity increase CO2 emissions? Evidence from MIBEL (Discussion)
Calel, R., Colmer, J., Dechezleprêtre, A., Glachant, M. Do carbon offsets offset carbon? (Discussion)

10.45 Coffee

11.15 Roundtable

The future of climate and energy policies (Discussion)
González-Casares, N., Hanemann, M., Labandeira, X., Praetorius, B.

12.45 Lunch

14.00 Keynote presentation

Chair: Labandeira, X.
Bretschger, L. Economic pathways and the carbon price escalator (Discussion)

15.30 Break

15.45 Parallel session 4

Energy Efficiency
Chair: Filippini, M.
Schenker, O., Tyagi, A. Spillovers from plant-differentiated energy efficiency regulation in the Indian cement sector (Discussion)
Peñasco, C., Diaz-Anadon, L. Assessing the effectiveness of energy efficiency measures in the residential sector gas consumption through dynamic treatment effects: Evidence from England and Wales (Discussion)
Adhikari, N., Filippini, M., Kumar, N., Kumar Raut, N., Srinivasan, S. Energy-related financial literacy and fuel efficiency: Evidence from motorcycles in Nepal (Discussion)
Cuerva, M.C., Triguero, A., Moreno-Mondéjar, L. Employment effects of circular economy transition: Focus on energy efficiency at firm level (Discussion)
Fanghella, V., Guetlein, M.C., Schleich, J., Sebi, C. Preferences for thermal retrofits in condominiums: A discrete choice experiment with landlords and owner-occupiers in France (Discussion)
Wekhof, T. The conditional topic allocation: An application to text-data and the value of energy efficient housing (Discussion)

Energy Transition (2)
Chair: Löschel, A.
Eryzhenskiy, I., Giraudet, L.G., Segú, M., Dastgerdi, M.V. Zero-interest green loans and home energy retrofits: Evidence from France (Discussion)
López-Prol, J., Zilberman, D. No alarms and no surprises: dynamics of renewable energy curtailment in California (Discussion)
Haan, P., Santonja, A., Zaklan, A. Effectiveness and heterogeneous effects of purchase grants for electric vehicles: Evidence from Germany
Waidelich, P., Krug, J., Steffen, B. Credit provision for immature clean energy technologies: Assessing green state investment banks under experience feedbacks
Burra, L.T., Sommer, S., Vance, C. Policy complementarities in the promotion of electric vehicles: Subsidies and charging infrastructure (Discussion)

18.00 End

20.00 Cocktail at Fundación Manolo Paz